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RFID Wet Inlays with MIFARE Classic Mini

Thank you for your support throughout the year. To show our appreciation, Identiv invites you to take advantage of a special promotion on our battery-free RFID Wet Inlays with MIFARE® Classic Mini.

Our 28.5 mm (1.12 in) die cut RFID Wet Inlays are sturdy, flexible, and composed of a PET substrate, RFID antenna, and MIFARE Classic Mini chip on an adhesive backing. These wet inlays are delivered on a roll and the adhesive layer allows you to peel and stick to your target product or applications, such as NFC and/or authentication.

Genuine MIFARE Classic technology delivers a secure, proven solution for data storage via its multi-application memory structure based on cryptographically accessible sectors. In its mini version, the MIFARE Classic chip offers five sectors of 64 bytes each (for a total memory of 320 bytes). As part of the MIFARE Classic family, this chip is fully compatible with any MIFARE reader and will operate identically to any other MIFARE Classic chip (with the limit of five sectors/320 bytes).

Identiv's RFID Wet Inlays with MIFARE Mini are an ideal solution for e-gaming applications, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting applications, hospitality environments, ticketing, micropayments, and even access control. These inlays leverage the existing infrastructure of readers already supporting MIFARE protocol, including contactless readers and mobile phones. Please note:

  • These wet inlays are not tuned for use on metal surfaces. If you intend to use inlays in metallic environments, the Identiv team can present you with other options.
  • For an extra cost, the same inlays can be converted to labels with paper or PET facing and can be delivered blank or printed.  
  • Please contact your Identiv sales representative for more information or if you are interested in other inlay forms (i.e., different sizes, other chip technology, or alternative form factors, such as tickets, labels, keyfobs, or wristbands).

Product Information


  • 28.5 mm (1.12 in) die cut
  • Aluminum antenna: 26 mm (1.02 in)
  • Inlay pitch: 35 mm (1.38 in)
  • Liner width: 33.75 mm (1.33 in)
  • 1-up unwinding direction
  • High-frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz
  • MIFARE Classic Mini (320 bytes)
  • 15,000 inlays per roll (MOQ)
  • NFC-compatible
  • 100% tested (rolls only contain functional inlays)
  • Warranty: 12 months

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15Ku: $0.185

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  > 240Ku: $0.159
  > 300Ku: $0.156
  > 420Ku: $0.152
  > 540Ku: $0.148
  > 1.08Mu: $0.138

MIFARE and MIFARE Classic are trademarks of NXP B.VMIFARE Partner

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